WMCC Membership

The Wichita Mountains Climbers Coalition (WMCC) was chartered in 1996 to represent the climbing community for the purposes of assisting the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service in managing climbing activity at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (Refuge). In 2001, the charter was expanded to also provide assistance to Quartz Mountain State Park in managing climbing activity at Baldy Point (Quartz).

The mission of the WMCC is to protect both the climbing resources and the natural environment of the Wichita Mountains. Through efforts like the establishment an Advisory Bolting Committee (ABC) to oversee fixed anchor use at the Refuge, the organization of volunteer projects to rebuild eroded trail systems at the Refuge and Quartz, and the publication of information concerning resource protection, the WMCC works to ensure that the valuable climbing opportunities and unique wilderness character of the Wichita Mountains are preserved.

Everyone in the climbing community is encouraged to join the WMCC.  Membership is free.  You can join our Facebook Group by following the link on our homepage, or you can send us your contact information via the Contact tab at the top of the Webpage. You’ll receive important notices about upcoming volunteer projects and special events. Most importantly, you will be helping to insure that open access, minimal regulation, and a healthy environment will continue to be a part of your climbing experiences at the Refuge and Quartz. 

The WMCC urges all climbers to help us achieve our goals by committing to “minimum impact” and “leave no trace” ethics, abiding with all climbing regulations, and participating in organized volunteer projects.

For more information on what you can do to help, contact the WMCC.