Wichita Mountains Climbers Coalition

Dedicated to protecting the climbing resources and natural environment of the Wichita Mountains since 1996.


In order to ensure that open access, minimal regulation, and a healthy environment will continue to be a part of your climbing experiences at the Refuge and Quartz, the WMCC encourages you to commit yourself to “minimum impact” and “leave no trace” ideals by adhering to the following climbing ethics:

  • Know and respect environmentally sensitive areas. Fragile plants and soils, wildlife habitat, riparian zones, and wilderness areas require special attention.
  • Climb and travel in small numbers. Disperse your activities.
  • Use established trails to reach climbing areas. Short cuts cause plant damage and erosion.
  • Keep your distance from wildlife. Avoid disturbing sensitive habitats and cliff nesting birds.
  • Treat the rock gently. Do not chip, chisel, glue, or otherwise deface our rock resources. Leave the rock and surrounding area in its natural condition. Do not place fixed anchors at the Refuge without a permit.
  • Minimize chalk use. Brush off heavily chalked holds when possible.
  • Use natural colored nylon webbing if you must leave fixed slings.
  • Pack out what you bring in. Do not leave tape, cigarette butts, food wraps and leftovers, or other litter. Remove and carry out old nylon slings. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • Dispose of human waste properly; whenever possible use restrooms. Otherwise, bury waste and carry out toilet paper in a plastic bag. Do not leave human waste within 200 feet of any water source or at the base of a climb.
  • Be considerate of other visitors. Loud noise detracts from the wilderness setting and disturbs others. Do not tie up routes you are not using.
  • Support conservation by taking part in organized clean-ups, trail rehabilitation, and other volunteer projects.
  • Join the WMCC and the Access Fund.

It is up to each individual climber who visits the Refuge or Quartz to accept responsibility for the care of these fragile environments. You are encouraged to do everything you can to prevent or reduce impacts to the rock and other natural resources. Your efforts will not only insure that your own climbing trips are a rewarding experience, they will also help guarantee that future visitors are afforded the same enjoyment.