Quartz Mountain State Park
14722 Highway 44a
Lone Wolf, OK 73655

Statement of Non-Liability for Climbing and Fixed Anchors

The use of fixed gear/anchors at the Baldy Point Climbing Area at Quartz Mountain State Park (QMSP) has occurred since the land was private property (See “History”). Although there are dozens of fixed anchors, primarily expansion bolts, now on state park property, fixed anchors can be controversial, as Baldy is considered a mature climbing area. While fixed anchors are permitted in the state park, QMSP reserves the right to prohibit new installation efforts on a case-by-case basis that is advised by the WMCC’s Advisory Bolting Committee *(applications available upon request). 

Quartz Mountain State Park (QMSP), Wichita Mountains Climbers Coalition (WMCC), and the WMCC’s Advisory Bolting Committee (ABC) are not responsible for the installation, use, inspection, or maintenance of any fixed anchors. QMSP, WMCC and ABC will not install or replace fixed anchors. Instead, all anchor installation and replacement efforts will be conducted on a volunteer basis by members of the climbing community. QMSP, WMCC and ABC makes no claims as to any fixed anchor’s condition or reliability, whether existing or installed in the future, and is not responsible for anchor information in guidebooks, Internet websites, etc. 

Moreover, QMSP, WMCC, and ABC make no representations or warranties regarding the degree of hazard or danger involved, or lack thereof, on any rock climbing route at Baldy Point. Rock climbing is a dangerous activity and the individual climber must personally make all decisions regarding his or her own safety while climbing.